Vincles Grup Crèdit Andorrà

Actuarial Consultancy

The insurance world is undergoing substantial changes such as the introduction of Solvency II and the changes in International Accounting Standards.

The insurance market is ever more demanding, which creates doubts as to the viability of many products. Thus, it is fundamental to know how to manage our risks in order to achieve future profits.

With the Actuarial Consultancy service we provide you with the knowledge and experience we have acquired throughout the long time we have been present on the Spanish and Andorran insurance markets.

The Actuarial Consultancy is aimed at insurance companies, pension fund management companies and mutual insurance welfare companies.

With Vincles we would like to help you to rationalize and optimize your management in the face of any risks.

Our Actuarial Consultancy services will enable you to:

  • have comprehensive actuarial assessment.
  • know if you meet all the legal requirements.
  • optimize the required regulatory capital.
  • manage risk more effectively.
  • evaluate and improve economic profit from the insurance products.
  • Greater expertise
  • Sharper competitive edge
  • Increased company profit

There are three kinds of Actuarial Consultancy services:

Technical department

  • Design and initial launching of products: Profit Testing, Technical Notes.
  • Calculation of provisions.
  • Design of the policy for retaining and transferring risks (reinsurance program).

Management Monitoring Department

  • Auditing/Inspection of processes.
  • Developing strategic plans in accordance with the company’s risk profile.
  • Valuating insurance businesses that allow the boost of inorganic growth.

Risk Monitoring Department