Vincles Grup Crèdit Andorrà


Since it was set up in 2003, Vincles has analysed new legislation concerning the field of social security as a whole. In particular, with regard to the new Andorran Social Security Act (CASS), which came into force in November 2009, several internal studies have been carried out to examine the changes and/or improvements in the new legal text. In collaboration with Crèdit Andorrà, between January and September 2009, Vincles organised sixteen conferences on the new Andorran Social Security Act, which were attended in total by over 1000 people. The conferences helped raise awareness of the key new features of the legislation, as well as the main differences with respect to the regulations previously in force.

The new Andorran Social Security Law | How does it affect retired people?

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The new Andorran Social Security Law | Evaluation of the conference

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