Vincles Grup Crèdit Andorrà


Vincles forms part of the Crèdit Andorrà Group's Insurance Company Group, which was set up as the technical department for handling insurance companies' risk. This positioning enables it to build up experience in managing these organisations in the area in which it operates and to develop tasks for them, such as calculating embeddedvalue, risk control, studying technical terms, calculating mathematical provisions and designing and launching new products.

Vincles also has extensive experience in the field of social security and pensions in both the public and private sector. The projects it has carried out in the public sphere in Andorra include:

For public administration (town councils and special bodies)

  • Introducing different voluntary retirement plans for civil servants.
  • Feasibility studies for unemployment benefit
  • Advice for the process of negotiating and drawing up regulations for the public administrations
  • Advice for introducing a pension system for civil servants

For para-public companies

  • Actuarial valuations of commitments for company employees' retirement and early retirement.
  • Advice for changing company regulations and economic quantification of the changes made.
  • Introducing and managing employees' pension system.
  • Technical actuarial advice in public tenders.

In terms of the private sector, its experience in the field of pensions centres on:

Managing pension systems introduced in companies, with the following tasks:

  • Actuarial valuations of commitments for company employees' retirement and early retirement.
  • Preparing reports of contributions to defined-contribution systems.
  • Economic feasibility studies of the systems: forecasts, sensitivity scenarios...
  • Actuarial financial revisions of pension plans.
  • Turning defined-benefit systems into defined-contribution systems.

Introducing new pension systems in companies, and carrying out the following phases for this service:

  • Common practice and agreeing the characteristics of the plan.
  • Valuation of costs / benefits.
  • Advice for preparing regulations and selecting the instrument.
  • Employee communication plan.
  • Setup and monitoring of plan.