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Retirement systems for companies

With Vincles we provide various ways of protecting retirement tailored to your needs and designed as an addition to public social security.

The viability of the public system is in doubt and all indicators point to a reduction in benefits and later retirement age.

This is why with these retirement systems for companies you can motivate your employees more. Moreover, this is a way of keeping your staff and attracting new talent.

This service forms part of the private Social Welfare that provides you with a set of measures to ensure people's health care and welfare benefits in the face of situations where these are needed.

The three-pillar theory:

  • In this theory, there is one first pillar (obligatory) that covers the whole population up to a point. This gives everybody (whether workers or not) coverage for minimum necessities.
  • The second pillar, financed by companies (voluntary), gives employees a benefit payment in addition to public social security.
  • Lastly, there is a third pillar (voluntary) which gives the possibility for whoever so wishes to save for their retirement as an individual.

Complete retirement pension

1st pillar

Public benefit


2nd pillar

Company benefit

Company insurance

3rd pillar

Individual benefit

Individual insurance