Vincles Grup Crèdit Andorrà


Vincles is a consultancy firm providing actuarial and financial services. Founded in 2003, it is part of the Insurance Group of CRÈDIT ANDORRÀ.

At Vincles we work on an international scale to the most rigorous professional standards. Our team has extensive experience in the insurance market and in the social welfare sector, both in Andorra and Spain, as well as the countries of Latin America.

With our complete knowledge of this sector, we are in a position to advise clients effectively on any decisions they make, providing them with added value and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of Vincles is focused on offering actuarial and financial consultancy services that enable our clients to meet their wants and needs, both operative and organisational, helping to improve the management and development of their business.

Our Vision

In addition, the aspiration of Vincles is to become a consultancy firm of renowned prestige both within Andorra and in Spain, to achieve the satisfaction of having contributed to the professional and personal growth of our team of consultants.

Our Values

  • We are client-orientated. We strive to achieve the highest quality, constantly seeking to improve and to meet our clients' requirements.
  • We always pursue well-defined and achievable objectives that are in keeping with company strategy.
  • We aim for clarity and transparency in our communications.
  • We are proactive and innovative. Having a proactive approach helps us to anticipate needs.
  • We work as a team, and pool all our talent. The common interest takes precedence over individual interest: to achieve this we must encourage input from everyone.